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Doctor Who Track

When: Saturday, 10am - 8:30pm / Sunday, 10am - 4pm
Where: Short North Ballroom B
How Much: FREE

This is the inaugural year of the Doctor Who Track at Origins! Here’s a guide to all the seminars, events, and signings surrounding this series held in Short North Ballroom B! Most of these events will feature appearances by our Special Guests, Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, and Juliet Landau!

Signings & Selfies

Autograph on photo $30 | Autograph on fan’s own item $25 | Selfie at table $10

Grab a free Doctor Who ribbon when you visit the Short North Ballroom B!

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10am - 10:45am | Big Finish Productions (Hines, Padbury, and Landau)

11am - 1pm | Signings & Selfies (Hines and Padbury)

11:15am - 12pm | The State of Doctor Who Today (Podcasters)

3pm - 5pm | Signings & Selfies (Hines and Padbury)

6pm - 8:30pm | The Macra Terror Screening (Q&A with Hines)


10am - 12pm | Signings & Selfies (Hines and Padbury) | Hall A 505

2pm - 2:45pm | 2nd Doctor Remembered (Hines and Padbury)

3pm - 4pm | War Games Screening (Hines and Padbury)

Assorted Events

King John’s Plaque (RPG)
Thurs - Sat | Event IDs 13337 - 13348

Paradise Lost (RPG)
Thurs - Fri | Event IDs 16663 - 16665

Doctor Who: The Deadlock War (LARP)
Saturday, 10am - 1pm | Event ID 12474

Game Demos provided by Cubicle 7 and Looney Labs!