Game Masters

Being a Game Master (GM) is a great way to share your favorite games, meet new players, and earn valuable rewards. Each year, Origins provides support and compensation to the hundreds of GMs who support the show. They help make the events we host possible!


How do I become a GM?

To become an official Origins GM, simply sign up to run events. You can do that on the Event Submission page.

What is required of a GM?

GMs must run events totalling 16 or 32 hours during the show. They can submit these events September-March and will receive badge codes before the show.

What do I get for being a GM?

All GMs that submit 16 or more event hours get a full show badge. 32-hour GMs have the choice of 1/4 hotel room, food vouchers, additional badges, parking passes, or an electric drop in their event area.

Are GMs considered to be volunteers?

Game Masters run specific games at the show and are not considered part of the volunteer program.

Can my child GM?

We do not currently allow minors to run games.

Can I choose where my event is run?

Only if you have enough events to warrant having your own table/area at the show. Singular events are placed on tables that are in a general area of the Gaming Halls.


After submitting your events, you will coordinate compensation allotments with the GAMA Event Team. If you have any questions, please email