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Live-Action role-playing

We are offering over 200 Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) events at the show! Here is a sampling of a few things you can experience, whether you’re an experienced LARPer or new to the scene!

Origins Arena

Where: Gaming Hall C
How Much: $4

Step into the Origins Arena provided by Forged Foam to enter the fray of foam-weapon combat! Choose your weapon of choice and face a worthy opponent! First person to lose all their HP loses. Will you be the Champion?


Where: Hyatt Regency, Hayes Room
How Much:

Need to learn the basics of foam-weapon combat? Take the classes offered by Amtgard in the Origins University! There are a wide variety of combat and weapon-making classes available. What kind of fighter will you be?

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Pokemon Gym Leader Challenge

How Much: $4

Receive a badge case from Professor, battle leaders in the Video Game! Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon, Let's Go Pikachu, Let's Go Eevee, or Pokemon Go! Play anytime during the weekend!

True Dungeon

Where: Gaming Hall D
How Much:

True Dungeon is an "escape room type" live action game that allows players to experience a Dungeons and Dragons adventure within a life-size, walk-through dungeon environment.  In addition to puzzles, players are forced (via a shuffleboard style combat board) to do battle with animatronic monsters and costumed NPCs.

Tactical Laser Tag

When: Check Event Grid for full schedule!
Where: Short North Ballroom B (Level 2)
How Much: $10

Can your team accomplish its mission before the opposing team? We will play a mix of objective based games using state of the art equipment, after a quick briefing and rules explanation.