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Music & Dance

Put on your dancing shoes and express your love of everything nerdy with these musical performers at Origins Game Fair!

Your Fandom Set to Music

When: Thursday, 8pm - 10pm
Where: Nationwide 2
How Much: $2
Event ID: 10348

A group concert featuring all of the Origins-sponsored musicians: Apryl Knight, Dan the Bard, Rhiannon's Lark and Tom Smith. Songs about D&D, ninjas, IT support, Game of Thrones, T-rexes and more!

Apryl Knight

When: Friday, 7pm - 8pm / Saturday, 2pm - 3pm
Where: Nationwide 2
How Much: $4
Event IDs: 11902 & 11903

Please join Apryl Knight in celebrating the release of her new album, "One Nerdy Knight"! She'll have songs about Doctor Who, Pokémon, board games, video games, pirates, hairless hypoallergenic hellhounds, octopus baristas, and some fun Renaissance tunes (all played on WAY too many instruments, as usual).

Dan the Bard

When: Thursday, 4pm - 5pm / Friday, 12pm - 1pm & 6pm - 7pm / Saturday, 11am - 12pm & 7pm - 8pm / Sunday, 10am - 11am
Where: Nationwide 2
How Much: $4
Event IDs: 11904 - 11910

Dan the Bard walks the land, singing songs, telling tales, and doing good deeds! Hear some of his original songs such as: The Drunken Gnome Illusionist, Don't Mess with the Druids, and Screw You, DM!

Rhiannon’s Lark

When: Friday, 8pm - 9pm
Where: Nationwide 2
How Much: $2
Event ID: 10349

Rhiannon's Lark lauds life as a geek/goddess/girl through music. She brings gaming, fantasy, morality, and t-rexes together in a show that will comfort your ears, get you laughing, and make you think!

Tom Smith

When: Friday, 11am - 12pm
Where: Nationwide 2
How Much: $4
Event IDs: 13984 & 13985

Songs, sorcerers, superheroes, silliness — the best time you’ll have at Origins without dice! Tom Smith’s first Origins was in 1977. He then somehow skipped 40 years. However, he never stopped gaming, and since 1986 he’s been making lots of music (mostly comedy folk-rock).

Court Dancing: +1 Performance, +1 Diplomacy

When: Saturday, 2pm - 3pm
Where: Room B243
How Much: $6
Event ID: 10857

In your eternal quest for just one more point of diplomacy at formal elven functions, why not explore dance? No experience? Not a problem - we'll take you to an experienced courtier in no time!

Dance on the Village Green

When: Friday, 2pm - 3pm
Where: Room B243
How Much: $8
Event ID: 10858

Group dances are fun, easy, get you moving, & sometimes you get to play with bells. Join us to get some fun, easy movement in before you go back to your gaming tables!