Origins Awards Submissions

Submit your nominations for the 46th Annual Origins Awards, taking place Saturday, June 20, 2020!

We will open up Award Submissions in Q3 2019.


1. Street date must be between November 15, 2018 and November 14, 2019.

2. Products can only be submitted in one category. Please choose the best category for your product.

  • Board Games: Products using a board as primary component.

  • Card Games: Products with card play as primary mechanic.

  • Collectible Games: Products with a collectible focus.

  • Family Games: Products focused on children, education or family play.   

  • Game Accessories: Individual products or game components.   

  • Miniature Games: Products where main mechanic is miniature based. Individual miniatures or components should be submitted to Game Accessories.   

  • Role-Playing Games: Products with role-play as primary game mechanic.

  • Role-Playing Game Accessory: Products that support and enhance role-playing games.

3. Please ship two copies of your product to the GAMA office to arrive by January 15, 2020 for display at the Origins Awards booth and Origins Lounge at Origins Game Fair 2020:
Game Manufacturers Association
240 N. 5th Street, Suite 340
Columbus, OH 43215

Questions about the submission process? Please email