Origins library

The Origins Library is designed to provide authors the opportunity to interact with their fans, sign autographs, sell books, and lead seminars during the show. Each of them have also participated in the Mythical Anthology by contributing a short story aligning with this year’s theme. You can pick up a copy of Anthology from the Origins Store.

Featured Authors

Mercedes Lackey Larry Dixon Christopher Bell
Jennifer Brozek Tobias Buckel Tracy Chowdhury
John Helfers Carlos Hernandes Addie King
R. L. King Daniel (Doc) Myers Cat Rambo
Amanda Robinson Aaron Rosenberg Lucy Snyder
Mike Underwood Greg Wilson

Scheduled Workshops and Seminars


10am - 11am | Short Stories: How do you plot something that’s only 5k? How do you know it’s going to come out that long? Tips and tricks to crafting a good short story. | Lucy Snyder (M), Carlos Hernandez, Cat Rambo

11am - 12pm | Getting Started in RPGs: So you want to write for games? Great! What’s the first step? | Larry Dixon, Aaron Rosenberg, John Helfers (M)

1pm - 2pm | Career Expectations: What can you expect from a writing career? How do you decide if you’re a success or a failure? | Mercedes Lackey, Jennifer Brozek, Michael R. Underwood (M), R. L. King

2pm - 3pm | Writing RPG Fiction: The nuts and bolts of RPG short story, novella, and novel writing. | Larry Dixon, Jennifer Brozek, R. L. King, Tracy Chowdhury, John Helfers (M)

3pm - 4pm | Reading for Writers: How important is it for a writer to be well-read? Are there books every writer should know? Come for a lively debate on something every writer knows something about: reading. | Mercedes Lackey, Cat Rambo, Tracy Chowdhury, Addie J. King, Gregory A. Wilson (M)

4pm - 5pm | Next-level Worldbuilding for Prose or Gaming: Talking about power dynamics in worldbuilding, layering of history, cohesive/coherent worldbuilding that feels like it all connects, etc. | Lucy Snyder, Michael R. Underwood (M), Doc Myers


10am - 11am | Effective Illusions: How do you make a reader feel as though they’re actually there in the world you’ve created? Join our panelists for tips and tricks on building worlds that are evocative, enchanting, and above all, so immersive you can lose yourself in it and forget you’re reading. | Carlos Hernandez, Cat Rambo (M), Doc Myers 

11am - 12pm | Crowdfunding: How do you get people engaged enough to pledge money for your project? And what do you do next? | Lucy Snyder, Gregory A. Wilson, Christopher Bell (M)

1pm - 2pm | Mercedes Lackey’s Fantasy Quarterly Magazine: Even after many years and dozens of novels and short stories, Mercedes Lackey is still trying new avenues of publishing, including launching Mercedes Lackey’s Fantasy Quarterly, a brand-new fantasy digest magazine, in 2019. Join her and associated editors Jennifer Brozek and John Helfers and learn about this new venue for the best in original and classic short fantasy fiction. | Mercedes Lackey, Jennifer Brozek, John Helfers (M).  

2pm - 3pm | Pen and Pixels: Lessons from gaming for prose fiction and lessons from prose for gaming. | Carlos Hernandez, Michael R. Underwood, Tracy Chowdhury, Gregory A. Wilson (M) 

3pm - 4pm | Networking: Who should you be talking to? And how? And when have you crossed the line? | Mercedes Lackey, Addie J. King, Jennifer Brozek, Gregory A. Wilson (M)

4pm - 5pm | Original vs. tie-in: The differences between original and tie-in fiction, and the benefits and drawbacks to each. | R. L. King, Aaron Rosenberg, John Helfers (M)


10am - 11am | Professional Writing Organizations: What is SFWA and what does it offer? What about HWA? IAMTW? Which ones should you join—if any? | Cat Rambo, Jennifer Brozek, Aaron Rosenberg (M)

11am - 12pm | Collaboration: Logistics of collaborative writing, the creative benefits, challenges, etc. | Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, Lucy Snyder, Carlos Hernandez (M), Tracy Chowdhury 

1pm - 2pm | Q&A with Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon: #1 New York Times bestseller Mercedes Lackey is among the most recognized and lauded names in fantasy fiction today. Her husband, Larry Dixon, is also an internationally-renowned author, artist, game designer, filmmaker, and all-around renaissance man. Join them for an hour of stories of their publishing careers, lives, and just about anything else fans wish to ask them. | Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon, John Helfers (M)

2pm - 3pm | Don’t Cross the Streams! When is it a good idea to cross genres? When is it a bad one? | Carlos Hernandez, Addie J. King (M), Doc Myers

3pm - 4pm | Branding & Marketing Yourself and Your Content: Running a podcast, releasing short fiction for free, blogging, Tweeting, etc. All the different ways to identify and bring more attention to your writing and your brand. | Larry Dixon, Michael R. Underwood, R. L. King, Cat Rambo, Gregory A. Wilson (M)

4pm - 5pm | The Almighty Dollar: Some writers swear by using economics to augment their worldbuilding, figuring out trade routes, banking systems, and the flow of money. How do you construct a world this way and what are the pros and cons? | Doc Myers, Aaron Rosenberg, John Helfers (M) 


10am - 11am | Ask the editors anything: Questions you were too afraid to ask when your story was on the line | Jennifer Brozek, Lucy Snyder, John Helfers (M)

11am - 12pm | Which Way to Publish: Which way should you take a project (trad, self-pub, crowdfunding, etc.). Ask questions and get answers! | R. L. King, Addie J. King (M), Aaron Rosenberg

1pm - 2pm | Using Folktales, Legends, and Myths in Your Storytelling: Learning how to differentiate the different types of folklore and how to incorporate them into your worldbuilding | Mercedes Lackey, Doc Myers, Addie J. King, Michael R. Underwood (M)