2014 Monsters! Anthology (Physical)


2014 Monsters! Anthology (Physical)

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The Origins Game Fair is proud and pleased to offer Monsters!, our 2014 limited edition fiction anthology. This collection features stories by authors in the convention’s Library program. This anthology brings together nineteen tales of monsters in all their frightening glory - some from the monsters’ point of view, and some from the viewpoint of the so-called heroes who are determined to dispatch them. Each author has provided a story that will give you a good taste of their skill.

Our 2014 authors are:

  • Aaron Allston

  • Timothy Zahn

  • Dylan Birtolo

  • Addie J. King

  • Gregory A. Wilson

  • Janine K. Spendlove

  • Richard C. White

  • Sheryl Nantus

  • Bryan Young

  • Donald J. Bingle

  • Maxwell Alexander Drake

  • Jennifer Brozek

  • Aaron Rosenberg

  • Ronald T. Garner

  • John Helfers

  • Daniel Myers

  • Tracy Chowdhury

  • Kelly Swails

  • Michael A. Stackpole

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