2012 Time Travel! Anthology (Physical)


2012 Time Travel! Anthology (Physical)

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The Origins Game Fair is proud and pleased to offer Time-Traveled Tales, a collection of short fiction by authors featured as part of the convention’s Library program. The anthology brings you nineteen fantasy, science fiction and horror tales from some of the best talent writing in their fields today.Each author has provided a story that will give you a good taste of their skill.

Our 2012 authors are:

  • Aaron Allston

  • Maxwell Alexander Drake

  • C.S. Marks

  • Sarah Hans

  • Donald J. Bingle

  • Janine K. Spendlove

  • Kelly Swails

  • Jean Rabe

  • Jennifer Brozek

  • Daniel Myers

  • Bryan Young

  • Michael A. Stackpole

  • Tracy Chowdhury

  • Gregory A. Wilson

  • Dylan Birtolo

  • R.T. Kaelin

  • Steven Saus

  • Bradley P. Beaulieu

  • Timothy Zahn

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