Origins University

When: The whole show!
Where: Room A210 - A216

Origins University offers a robust program of seminars and workshops hosted by experts in all sorts of nerdy fields! Check out the different tracks below and get inspired to create, learn, and connect with other gamers!

This year, we have made most seminars in the program complimentary for attendees. Seminars that are not complimentary are workshops that focus on crafting and will retain their upcharge to cover the cost of materials.

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Amtgard is leading a multitude of classes focusing on crafting your own weapons and gear for live action role-playing. Grab their ribbon if you plan on attending more than a couple of these workshops!


If you love Japanese culture, don’t miss out on these panels about cosplay and board games featuring 3 Rivers Cosplay and Japanime Games!

Art College

Learn a new medium or perfect your technique in classes led by our featured artists. Make sure to check if materials are provided!

Educator’s Hall Pass

Explore lesson plans focused on gamification in the classroom and connecting with your students by using games!

Game Designer

Have a stellar game idea and want to make it a reality? Get advice from veteran designers about Contracts, IP Laws, Self-Publishing, and more!

War College

We have a full slate of seminars discussing the history and strategy of various battles led by wargame experts and designers!