Registration Walkthrough

With over 5,000 events in the system, registering for events can be stressful. We put together this handy registration walkthrough to help ease the process and answer any questions you have! If there are things you still need help with after reading the walkthrough, please email


Why don’t the Event IDs in the Grid match what’s in the system?

As of May 6, we have updated the Grids to reflect the parameters the system is searching for. If you referenced the Grids before May 6, please click the button above and update your info.

When I search, no results appear. What do I do?

We are looking into why the search is having these troubles, but for now, when searching by Event ID, Event Name, or keyword, please leave the Date area set to “Please select a date” and change the Event Category to “All.”

Step 1: Attendee Info

step 1.png

You will first need to begin registering your badge for Origins 2019. Determine which badge type you will want and then start the registration process. This will bring you to the Attendee Info page where you will put in all your personal information. When you have completed all the sections, click the Next button to proceed.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.09.34 PM.png

If you already have a badge in the system, when you login you will see the Reg Info tab. On that tab there is a “Quickly Jump to Edit” option. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Session Selection" to grab tickets to your favorite events.

Step 2: Event Ribbons

step 10.png

This is how you add ribbons to your account. We offer several types and each allows you access to a different area and/or events at Origins Game Fair for free. Note: ribbons do not cover the cost for events with upcharges.

  • Amtgard: Unlimited play in Amtgard events.

  • Board Room: Access to the Board Room in Gaming Hall C, an open tabletop gaming area using the CABS library of 1000+ titles.

  • Electronic Game Room: Unlimited play in the Electronic Game Room.

  • Origins After Dark: Free play in Origins After Dark events. These events begin after 6pm every day and are only open to our 18+ attendees.

  • Puffing Billy: Unlimited play in Puffing Billy train game events.

  • Upper Deck: Access to the Upper Deck area in Gaming Hall A.

  • Werewolf/Deception: Unlimited play in all “Are You a Werewolf?” events.

Click the purple “Next” button to proceed with registration.

Step 3: Session Selection


The Session Selection page is the portal that allows you to add and remove events to your cart. This is the default view, but you’ll want to narrow your search down to quickly find the events in which you are most interested. You can search by:

  • ID number

  • Name

  • Time

  • Category

All of this information is available in advance in the Event Grids.

Additionally, though there is a “Date” option, leave it set to “Please select a date” for the search to function.

NOTE: As of May 6, the Event ID numbers have been updated to reflect the parameters the search system is using. If you referenced the Event Grid prior to May 6, please look again to find the new Event IDs.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 11.07.49 AM.png

IMPORTANT - When searching for events, please set the Event Category to “All”. Also, make sure to click the grey “Search” button instead of the purple “Next” button.

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.15.51 AM.png

When searching for an event, please set the other parameters like above.

  1. Include Event ID, Event name, or keyword.

  2. Leave Date set to “Please select a date” and Time Range set to the default.

  3. Set Event Category to “All”.

Events that match your search parameters will appear below the search box. For each event you can view:

  • ID Number (must select the related Event Category as well)

  • Name

  • Format

  • Price

  • Available seats (0/XX means the event is sold out)

  • Date and time

  • Duration

You can also click the small “More..” button to view the event description.

Click the “Add to Itinerary” button to the right to add an event to your cart. It will be highlighted in green if there are no conflicts with other events in your cart. If it is highlighted in red, you have one or more conflicting events in your cart and should remove them.


To view all the events in your cart, click the “My Itinerary” tab on the same page. You can easily remove them from your cart by clicking the “Remove from Itinerary” button to the right. Your total event cost is shown at the bottom of the page.

Rinse and repeat for any and all events for which you would like to register! When you are ready to proceed with registration, click the purple “Next” button.

Step 4: Additional Attendee Info


This short page will ask you for some additional information. Click the purple “Next” button to proceed with registration.

Step 5: Generic Tokens

step 11.png

On this page, you can add quantities of generic tokens. Each token is worth $2 and can be used at any event in place of a scheduled event ticket. While this is a great way to keep your schedule flexible and jump into events that catch your eye, please note that event ticket holders will be seated first before accepting generic tokens.

If you need more generics throughout the show, simply head towards the Registration Kiosks in the North Atrium. Origins also buys back unused generics up until 3:30pm on Sunday of the show.

Click the purple “Next” button to proceed with registration.

Step 6: Finalize Registration

On the final pages, you’ll review your details, input your payment information, and submit your registration. Shortly thereafter, you’ll receive an email with your Confirmation Number which you’ll use to pick up your badge on-site. You will be able to log in and access your account to make changes to events at any time up until the show begins.