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Costume Contest

When: Saturday, 2pm - 4pm
Where: Union Station Ballroom B
How Much: FREE

At Origins Game Fair, we know gaming culture impacts a wide variety of fandoms: fantasy, sci-fi, anime, comics, and much more. COSPLAY is a way to celebrate your favorite fandom, so each year we host a Costume Contest for our attendees to showcase their creations on stage while competing for prizes! Join the fun by competing on stage or cheering on your favorite contestants on stage! Tom Croom from Wasabi Anime is returning again this year to emcee and add all sorts of nerdy hilarity to the event.

Registration for the competition begins at 1:00 PM . Registration closes at 1:40 PM, so be there early!

PART ONE: Children’s Costume Contest Presentation
PART TWO: Adult (13+) Costume Contest Presentation
PART THREE: Special Presentation
PART FOUR: Winners Announced on stage

Contestants may choose to enter in one of the following Categories:

  • Fantasy

  • TV/Film

  • Comic Books

  • Game Characters

  • Young Cosplayers (Ages 12 and under)

Special Guest Judges

  • Amanda Robinson (Panda Inc Cosplay)

  • Gleume Cosplay

Contest Prizes

  • First place: $200 + 2 tickets to Origins Game Fair 2020

  • Second place: $100 +2 tickets to Origins Game Fair 2020

  • Third place: $50 +2 tickets to Origins Game Fair 2020

  • Young cosplayers: 2 tickets to Origins Game Fair 2020

Thanks to Wasabi Anime for sponsoring this event!


Contest Rules

  1. You must have purchased an entry into Origins Game Fair 2019 in order to enter/present on stage for the Costume Contest.

  2. The Costume Contest is a family-oriented event. Please keep all costumes to a “PG-13″ rating (i.e. no nudity or overly revealing attire).

  3. No bought costumes. Costumes must be 50% crafted or more. You may purchase parts of a costume, but said parts must be disclosed during the judging process. If you are not the maker of your costume (and simply modeling), said creator of the costume must be present with you upon entry. If the costume wins an award, the award will go to the creator of the costume.

  4. All weapons and props must conform with Origins Game Fair 2019 rules, convention center policies, and local laws concerning carrying a weapon. If there is a question of doubt, don’t bring it (see Show Policies).

  5. Please provide reference images of the character you are dressed as. We cannot guarantee the judges will know what your character looks like, so having something to compare to will help you as much as them! Please provide this image on a piece of paper to attach to your costume contest registration form. No digital images (i.e. cell phones, iPads, portable computers, tablets, etc.) or books can be submitted for your reference image. Please print the picture out for the judges.

  6. Each costume must be entered separately. The costumes may be presented on stage (and prejudged) together, but each costume is judged as a separate entry. Simply put: the “Best of Show” award can only go to one individual and not a group.

  7. The contest will be limited to 50 entries total. Please be at Union Station Ballroom B to sign up.

  8. Origins Game Fair and Wasabi Anime reserve the right to modify, update, or amend the rules at any time.

  9. Have fun!